Why I always work with an assistant at weddings:

1. S/he carries my equipment and moves it to the required spot when needed leaving me hands free with the one camera and also allows me to be a lot more mobile

2. S/he facilitates lens swaps giving me the chance to work much faster in between frames

3. S/he gathers guests for the group photos, hunts the missing one who disappeared to the toilet or the bar, prepares the next groups and reminds me of all the timings… phew!

4. S/he ensures I photograph all the must have images requested by the B&G

5. S/he helps me with my light tests and setting up shots.

6. S/he has been known to step in on veil holding duty.

7. Finally s/he keeps me company and more importantly keeps me hydrated throughout the day.

AH Photography

And this is why s/he is essential to the day.

I love my job and I choose my assistants carefully. I expect from them the same enthusiasm and professionalism as me.

Would you like to be an assistant on one of my weddings. Take a look at my Events Page to see if there are any places available.

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